Creativity Coaching with Mari


Hi friend! Thanks for stopping by my new coaching page!

I’m not a trained life coach, but I have the life experience that I believe is really valuable and I want to share it with you. You see I’ve gone through natural disasters, mental health crisis’s, recession job losses, care taking an elderly parent with a chronic illness, juggling being a mother, marriage problems, addiction issues, periods of poverty, running a startup online business, and countless other life obstacles all while pursuing my aspirations in singing and songwriting. I’ve also gone through the many varied ways that I’ve doubted myself as an artist, that I’ve felt insufficient, that I’ve wanted to give it up from not being acknowledged, that I’ve felt too fat, too old, too unworthy as a singer, and countless other internal mental and emotional obstacles. But, all everyone sees on social media, at a performance, on a recording is the beautiful bits, the completed goals, the polished accomplishments, but no one other (than my husband Michael) sees the struggle, the continual practice of rising from the ashes of doubt and fear like the phoenix.

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I find this sad, because it gives everyone the false impression that it’s easy for me and if it’s not easy for them, to follow their own dreams, then it must mean something is wrong with them. Or it must mean that their life situation is just too hard and it’s inevitable that they give up on their dreams. Living your dreams, wether that’s to write a book, start a hobby, volunteer for a global relief agency, or as simple as to plant a garden bed, when we have an aspiration that comes from our heart, from the quiet voice within, it is the call to a journey that holds within it our own awakening. We will encounter all the fears we need to overcome to become more whole. It will ask us to become bigger and more true in every possible way.  

Many people start and stop on these dreams, they get stuck and then want to give up. I want to offer you the insights and practices that have helped me overcome these same experiences, no matter what the circumstances, and that I still continue to this day to utilize on my creative journey.

Here are a few of the ways I can help you:

  • Learn to recognize (with kindness) being “stuck.”

  • Learn to see the ways we justify our blocks in order to protect ourselves from being hurt.

  • Develop the practice of daily attention on our dream in micro moments and small windows of time.

  • Release and heal ourselves from the limiting patterns of our families and ancestors.

  • Practice loving  kindness and mercy with our fears and our accomplishments.

  • Build the capacity for greater self worth about our our creative expression.

  • Exercise the skill of courage by pushing our edges.

  • Learn to ask for help from others to help us with our dreams.

    and more….


How it works:

1 hour sessions are  done via phone, Facetime, or Skype. I will make a visual diagram for you on our session and send it to you as a follow up. We will choose one skill at a time to develop over a period of a few weeks and celebrate the small or large victories. We can move on to other skills as called for. You can have a session once a week or once per month or only when needed to help you get through a particular challenge. I have a very limited about of spots for this coaching and these deeply discounted rates will only be available for a the next few months. One hour sessions are $25.00 payed via Paypal which adds a small fee. I also offer a complimentary 10 minute introductory call to see if this is for you.

today is great time to live your dreams