Mariana Tirsa, making music as “Runaway Horse,” wanders the more eclectic paths of the Americana folk rock music scene meandering into the dreamy realms of the shoegazing (bootgazing?) sound creating the experience of a transcendent frontier landscape.  Learn more here.

“Out of Austin comes this sensational female-fronted Runaway Horse… The music is calm, very melodic and breathing the classic Americana sound, but still sounding fresh and modern. Just listen to the absolutely beautiful ‘The Well.’ Do not miss this artist!”

– Strutterzine Holla


A 5 song EP of Modern Folk Americana Ballads

Included on Best of 2017 EPs from Canadian digital radio NBT Music. 

“Beautiful Blue is perfect for those long cold nights in front of the fire in a frontiersman’s log cabin.”

– Adam Jenkins, FATEA Records




Get Beautiful Blue EP in Vintage Tape Sound!