Recent Single
“Diamond Through Stone”

“A lovely tender production with a strong vocal performance.”

“Not only does it take us back to a softer world but the vocals add a soothing touch,

one that shuffles along without fuss in a most pop inclined manner.”

“Warm yet appealingly fragile-sounding vocals”

The laid back Mazzy Star vibe of indie-folk/Americana ballad “Diamond Through Stone” expresses the painful longing for intimacy, physical connection, passion, and love, a theme even more poignant in our current climate of social distancing and isolation. Texas-based singer-songwriter Mari Tirsa and her project Runaway Horse shares this first single off the upcoming album, Glow.

Tirsa pairs her whispery vocals with gentle harmonies and acoustic guitar from fellow singer-songwriter Robert E. Musseman III. The two are joined by an eclectic group of seasoned Austin musicians: Joseph Manzello, Alan Burrows, Jack Daniel, and Robin T. Smith.

Tirsa’s release of “Diamond Through Stone” on July 24th, 2020 was accompanied by a self-made kaleidoscopic music video made during quarantine using original chalk pastel drawings, photos, and found video.