“I can see, I can feel, I can know, I can be, I am in everything, and everything is in me.”

~from the song “Once”


Runaway Horse is the moniker for Austin, Texas-based and New Mexico born singer-songwriter Mariana Tirsa. Together with an eclectic gathering of Texas musicians,  currently Joseph Manzello on electric and Erik Karlsson on acoustic, she creates an ethereal indie folk and shoegaze Americana sound that draws the listener into the forlorn and yet majestic ambiance of the Southwest American landscape.

Mariana’s poetic songwriting is reminiscent of Leonard Cohen and her ethereal vocals echo those of  90’s indie rock singer Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star. Runaway Horse contrasts Mariana’s soft voice with a driving rhythm section; traditional folk acoustic guitar; whispery vocal harmonies; and Alt-Country electric guitar solos. An additional layer of dream /shoegaze style pedals, synth, and vocal effects bathe you in the nature-inspired perfume that is Runaway Horse’s world.



5 Song debut EP Recorded in Austin, Texas. Produced by roots artist Daniel Barrett of the band Porter Davis.


Artist/Songwriter In Residence Unveiling the Divine: Honouring the Sacred Feminine

Kendall, England October 2017

Wrote songs Mujer, Mujer and Roses & Roses

“Beautiful Blue EP” listed on NBTMusic Radio Top 300 Albums/EPs of 2017

Spotify Play Lists

 Radio Troubadour “Road to Alt Country”


“Out of Austin comes this sensational female Americana artist Mari Tirsa (aka Runaway Horse), whom released a 5 tracks counting EP Beautiful Blue… The music is calm, very melodic and breathing the classic Americana sound, but still sounding fresh and modern. Just listen to the absolutely beautiful The Well. Do not miss this artist!” – Strutterzine Holland

“[Beautiful Blue EP] is perfect for those long cold nights in front of the fire in a frontiersman’s log cabin.” – Adam Jenkins, FATEA Records


For Booking and Press:

512-771-1684, connect@runawayhorseband.com